Hire A Tech For The Day

Do you have several computers that are slow, Maybe a computer with a virus?  Maybe your wireless is sporadic.  Not able to check your email on your desktop.  Have a new computer that need to be set up. These are all issues that does not stop you from conducting business but can slow productivity

Have you called around to find out how much it will cost to handle each problem only to find out it will be expensive to get everything done at once.  Most companies charge between $75 – $100 per hour or per problem.  This works fine if you only have one item that need to be fixed.

Moore Tech Services Tech for A day Program can help.  For a low fee, usually for the price that most companies charge for 2 IT problems, we can have a technician come out for a day and work on your multiple IT problems.

Man on Telephone

Some Of The Problems We Work On

  • Cannot set up Outlook on the Desktop
  • Need A Printer Set Up
  • Need Dual Monitors Set Up
  • Wireless Services Keep Dropping
  • Computer Has A Virus
  • Computer OS Need To Be Updated
  • Computers Are Slow
  • Need Scanner/Peripheral Devices Installed
  • Need Software Installed Or Updated
  • Computer is Blue Screening
  • Cannot Get Into Computer
  • Need New Computer Set Up

It is easy to get started, give us a call at 281 657 4576 or go to our Support Center, We have multiple ways to get in touch with us.  Create an account with our Help-Desk and list all the IT problems you would like to get resolved.  We will review the list and set up a day that is convenient for you