Moore Tech Services is a technology management, consulting and outsourcing company that specializes in providing best-fit IT and computing solutions to small and midsize organizations.

Formed from a joint passion in computing and customer service, Robert and Jennifer, continue to offer dependable IT services and support at reasonable costs.  We both believe in providing IT solutions to businesses that are cost-effective, best-fit for performance and functionality, dependable and long lasting.

We truly believe in building trust, creating best-fit solutions for clients and providing rapid support as needed to keep our client IT environment strong and performing


Robert bring over 20 years of leadership and customer service to Moore Tech Services.  His experience of managing large help desk call centers provides a solid backbone to our company, ensuring that our focus is always customer first.  In recent years, he’s worked in several IT support roles that vary from end user to company-wide support.  His strong interest in technology has advanced his skills set to go beyond ‘on-the-shelf’ solutions to newer technology; these solutions may not only bring better performance and reliability, but in many cases be more cost-effective.  His personal approach to customer relations allows for customer relationships that go beyond provider and client.  We believe that this is his best asset and is the most important and impactful in providing the ultimate IT solutions to you


Jennifer brings over 17 years of IT experience to Moore Tech Services.  Her roles over the last decade  from end user desktop support to design, implementation, integration and maintenance of automation users in both the electric and oil and gas industries.   Jennifer is highly skilled in addressing the needs of maintaining or conversely, upgrading legacy systems.  She is very quick to understand the needs of her customers and recommend solutions that are industry best practice while minimizing total cost to her users.