Welcome into US Open week…or better known as the week that USGA takes a historical golf program and discovers new and different techniques to ruin it. The only good news this week is that Mike Davis has relinquished his yearly butchering of the golf program and turned it on to John Bodenhamer who’s run USGA amateur events because 2011. I need to think John can not possibly screw up the course set-up anywhere near what Mike Davis has done the last couple of decades. Again, the bar isn’t set very high unfortunately.
The best news of this week however is that we return to the West Coast significance we receive primetime golf. I can not begin to tell you just how much this arouses me. Sunday breakfast in the Masters and Saturday night US Open golf at Pebble Beach two weeks apart is about as good as it gets in my opinion.
Let’s just assume John is not a complete idiot like Mike Davis and that he leaves well enough alone this week. We get a US Open, as intended, on a historic course with tight fairways, long rough rather than a clown’s mouth in site. Going off that assumption I believe this week we are left with one of the leaderboards of this year. To put it differently, I think that the cream rises to the top this week. So with no real significant surprises how will the best on earth shake out this week? We break down the best contenders in the field for the 2019 US Open.
(As always, odds are at the time this was written and Will Likely change throughout the week)

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